Product Shipments

Network Outlet utilizes FedEx Ground to offer free shipping to customers within the continental US. Most products are shipped within 1-2 business days upon receipt of order and are thoroughly tested by our own certified engineers to ensure quality and functionality. If the customer wishes items to be shipped differently, or rushed, shipping can be changed if expressly stated by the customer. Charges apply for shipping to countries outside the US. In the event that the customer chooses alternate shipping, Network Outlet will make all necessary efforts to accommodate the customer’s needs. For all alternate shipping, at request of the customer, customer absorbs all costs.

Contact us at or 678-391-5400 for international shipping or specific shipping requests.

Selling Equipment to Network Outlet & Its Affiliates

Network Outlet honors its commitments and expects equipment suppliers to do the same. If we buy equipment that is not in good physical and working condition with valid serial numbers, we expect vendors to refund payments or replace the item within one week. Network Outlet will only buy from legitimate suppliers who have clear and free title to the equipment.