44X1920 IBM 8GB 20 port Brocade SAN Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter

44X1920 IBM 8GB 20 port Brocade SAN Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter


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The Brocade Enterprise 20-port, 20-port, and 10-port 8 Gb SAN Switch Modules for BladeCenter deliver embedded Fibre Channel switching with the industry's fastest Fibre Channel throughput performance (8Gb). These two switches have almost the same features and functions except for the number of activated ports: the 10-port switch has ten activated ports, and the 20-port switch has 20 activated ports.

Part Number: 44X1920

The Brocade switch modules include the following hardware features:

  • Six external auto-sensing Fibre Channel ports (2 Gbps, 4 Gbps, or 8 Gbps for 8Gb SFP+ transceivers) that operate at a maximum speed of 8 Gbps
  • 14 internal Fibre Channel ports that operate as F_ports (fabric ports) at 2 Gbps, 4 Gbps, or 8 Gbps, depending on FC expansion cards installed into blades
  • 10-port model includes 10 Dynamic Ports-On-Demand (DPODs) that can be activated in any combination of internal and external ports
  • High availability features including hot pluggable design, non-disruptive software upgrades, automatic path failover, and power-on self-test diagnostics and status reporting
  • Aggregate Fibre Channel I/O bandwidth: 48 Gbps (6 external ports at 8 Gbps line rate)
  • Fabric latency of 0.74 ?sec ensures the fastest response and access time to data for critical applications and servers
  • Supports full 8 Gbps operations at distances up to 129 km and up to 1036 km at 1 Gbps

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