C8R38A HP StoreFabric SN1100E 16GB 1-Port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter

C8R38A HP StoreFabric SN1100E 16GB 1-Port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter


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The HP StoreFabric SN1100E 16GB 1-Port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter is designed to bring datacenter infrastructure components to a higher level of performance and efficiency with the ability to deliver twice the I/O performance of 8Gb HBAs.  The performance of the 16 Gb infrastructure allows more rapid storage and retrieval of critical information when using storage intensive applications, such as backup/restore, database transactions, virtualization, and rich media. The HP StoreFabric SN1100E is made for environments with greater virtual machine density and bandwidth requirements.

Device Type: Host Bus Adapter

Form Factor: Plug-in Card

Dimensions (WxDxH): 1.4 in x 9.1 in x 5.1 in

Designed For: HP ProLiant DL160 Gen8, DL160 Gen8 Base, DL160 Gen8 Entry, DL160 Gen8 Performance, DL360e Gen8, DL360e Gen8 Base, DL360e Gen8 Entry, DL360e Gen8 Performance, DL360p Gen8, DL360p Gen8 Base, DL360p Gen8 CMS, DL360p Gen8 Entry, DL360p Gen8 High Performance, DL360p Gen8 Performance, DL380e Gen8, DL380e Gen8 Base, DL380e Gen8 Entry, DL380e Gen8 High Performance, DL380e Gen8 Storage, DL380p Gen8, DL380p Gen8 Base, DL380p Gen8 Entry, DL380p Gen8 High Performance, DL380p Gen8 Performance, DL380p Gen8 Special, DL385p Gen8, DL385p Gen8 Dedicated Workload, DL385p Gen8 Entry, DL385p Gen8 Maximized Consolidation, DL385p Gen8 Storage, DL385p Gen8 Storage Centric, DL560 Gen8, DL560 Gen8 Base, DL560 Gen8 Entry, DL560 Gen8 Performance, ML350p Gen8, ML350p Gen8 Base, ML350p Gen8 Entry, ML350p Gen8 Performance, SL230s Gen8 1U Left Half Width Tray, SL230s Gen8 1U Right Half Width Tray, SL230s Gen8 Base 1U Left Tray Server, SL230s Gen8 Base 1U Right Tray Server

Features: Auto-negotiation

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