IBM 44V8622 SAS 3GB PCI-X DDR 1.5GB Cache RAID Adapter

IBM 44V8622 SAS 3GB PCI-X DDR 1.5GB Cache RAID Adapter


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The PCI-X DDR 1.5 GB cache SAS RAID Adapter is a SAS disk controller with a maximum of 1.5 GB compressed write cache and a maximum 1.6 GB compressed read cache. Auxiliary write cache and concurrent battery maintenance are provided. The controller is implemented using two physical adapters that are securely connected to form a double-wide adapter. The double-wide adapter requires two adjacent Peripheral Component Interconnect-X (PCI-X) slots. The auxiliary write cache side of the double-wide adapter contains a dual, concurrently maintainable cache battery pack which maintains cache memory on both adapters in the event of an abnormal termination.

Part Number: 44V8622, 5908-8205

FC: 5908

CCIN: 575C

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