DCS-7060CX-32S-R Arista 7060CX 32x40/100GbE QSFP100/2x10GbE SFP+ Switch

DCS-7060CX-32S-R Arista 7060CX 32x40/100GbE QSFP100/2x10GbE SFP+ Switch


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The Arista DCS7060CX-32S-R  is a 32x 40/100GbE QSP100/2x10GbE SFP+ switch with rear-to-front airflow

The 7060CX-32S deliver 32 QSFP100 ports in a 1RU system with an overall throughput of 6.4Tbps. All ports allow for a choice of 5 speeds including 100GbE, 40GbE, 4x10GbE, 4x25GbE or 2x 50GbE with a wide choice of QSFP transceivers and cables.

All QSFP ports can operate in any mode without limitation enabling a wide choice of combinations for both top of rack and spine deployment. Arista 7060CX-32S supports latency as low as 450ns in cut-through mode, and a 16 MB shared packet buer pool that is allocated dynamically to ports that are congested.

Arista 7060CX2-32S introduces support for IEEE 25GbE and supports a larger shared packet buer pool of 22 MB with the same low latency of 450ns.

The  Arista  7060X and  7260X  Series  are  purpose  built  high  performance,  high  density,  fixed configuration,  data  center  switches  with  wire  speed  layer  2  and  layer  3  features, combined  with  advanced  features  for  software  defined  cloud  networking  and emerging  requirements.

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