Cisco Catalyst 6500 High Speed Fan Tray (WS-C6K-6SLOTFAN2)

WS-C6K-6SLOTFAN2 Cisco Catalyst 6500 High Speed Fan Tray


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The Cisco Catalyst 6500 High Speed Fan Tray ensures that high-wattage network devices don't burn out as they keep your mission-critical architectures operating in perfect form. The tray has a front-mounted handle that lets you slide it in and out of the dedicated slot, providing easy installation.  The fan tray includes a fan indicator light which will come on if an individual fan in the 6-fan tray fails at any time.

Device Type: Fan Tray

Product Description: Cisco fan tray

Designed For: Catalyst 6506, 6506 chassis, 6506 Firewall Security System; Supervisor Engine 720, 720 with PFC3B

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