WS-C6509-E-FAN Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Fan Tray

WS-C6509-E-FAN Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Fan Tray


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The Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Fan Tray is pertinent in getting the Cisco Catalyst chassis to run correctly, as most of them do not come with fan trays. When a nine-bay E-series chassis is weighted with a full complement of network modules, this fan tray is the only approved device designed to handle the heat generated. If something goes wrong the fan failure LED will come on. It can easily be replaced by undoing the two captive installation screws and pulling the unit out of the chassis using the tough handle on its face.  The fan pulls air all the way through and out the side of the cabinet which prevents things from getting too hot inside and eliminates the uneven temperature gradients common to most wiring cabinets and switch chassis.

Designed For: Cisco Catalyst 6509

Product Type: Fan Tray

Product Description: Cisco Fan Tray


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