NCS-5501 Cisco NCS5501 Fixed 48x10G and 6x100G Chassis 2AC

NCS-5501 Cisco NCS5501 Fixed 48x10G and 6x100G Chassis 2AC


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The Cisco NCS 5501 is a high-performance network routing platform designed for service providers and large enterprises. It offers a flexible and scalable solution for delivering secure, high-speed network services to support the demands of modern networks.

The NCS 5501 features a compact, modular design that provides high port density, low power consumption, and quiet operation. It supports the latest in networking technology, including IP/MPLS, segment routing, and optical transport.

In addition, the NCS 5501 has been designed with a strong focus on security and reliability. It features hardware-based security and network resiliency capabilities, including advanced hardware encryption and network virtualization technologies.

Furthermore, the NCS 5501 is equipped with powerful management and automation tools that enable network administrators to easily configure, monitor, and troubleshoot their network. These tools include a comprehensive web-based interface, a robust command-line interface, and a range of APIs that enable automation and integration with third-party tools.

Overall, the Cisco NCS 5501 is a high-performance, secure, and scalable network routing platform that provides a powerful solution for service providers and large enterprises looking to meet the demands of modern networking.

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